we are passionate dog lovers serving the furry community.

we care about creating meaningful experiences for long lasting memories with your pooch, whether you’re getting married or while you take a break.


Meet Tiff.

Resident Pet Wedding Expert and Chief Hound Officer at Fuzzy Buddy. A dog lover at heart, outdoorsy gal and kitchen junkie. The kind of person who will look your dog in the eye and give them a pump-up talk.

Fuzzy Buddy was made by love and built for doggos. Having been a proud fur mother of Border Collies and been around dogs most of her life, Tiff understood the difficulties of finding someone reliable to take care of your fur child when life just got busy. With years of experience in weddings and caring for dogs, Fuzzy Buddy was eventually born.

“We wanted to create a stress-free and fun experience for dogs and their owners, whereby clients felt confident leaving their pupper(s) in safe hands.” – Tiffany, Founder.



wedding dog





Say hello to Lily.

Lily is a dynamic spirit and one of our go-to Wedding Dog Whisperers at Fuzzy Buddy. To her, this isn’t just a job, it’s the “coolest job ever,” a true enthusiast of all things canine and matrimonial. Lily goes beyond the duties of a typical Wedding Dog Sitter; she’s also a heartfelt conversationalist for your furry friends, engaging in deep, meaningful ‘conversations’ with them. At the end of each event, she feels as if your dogs were her very own!

One of Lily’s favourite doggo memories is having 9 dogs over the holidays! Chaotic? Not for Lily!

Off-duty, Lily is an adventurer at heart – paddleboarding, exploring nature, or beach strolling with her dog Maisie.

If Lily could describe herself in emojis, they would be –




Wedding Dog




Meet Lillyanna.

Our resident Sydney Wedding Dog Sitter and one half of the adventuring duo with Hunter, her dapper Border Collie!

Lilly’s journey into the world of wagging tails and wedding veils began 4 years ago, realizing her passion for working with animals and love for weddings, spending years setting up for prestigious weddings across Sydney. It truly was love at first bark and bouquet toss! Bringing her wealth of knowledge across the animal and wedding sector, ensuring the fuzziest members of the wedding party are nothing short of paw-fect! Her heart melting highlight? Watching pets reunite with their humans on their magical day, their faces lighting up like fireworks.

Outside the whirlwind of wagging tails at weddings, you’ll find Lilly lost in a good book (the kind where you forget to eat).

If Lilly had to pick a playlist for her dream getaway, ‘I Found My Love in Portofino’ by Andrea Bocelli.


At Fuzzy Buddy, we’re a proud female-led business, putting heart and ethics into every wagging tail. We get it – every doggo is one of a kind. That’s why we tailor our care to fit each pup’s vibrant personality, turning a simple service into a trust filled, long lasting partnership.

Dreaming of your dog dancing at your wedding? We’ve got ties (and bow ties) in the wedding world to make that happen. Curious? Dive in here.

As part of our commitment to care for our at-home dog sitting, we keep the squad small. This way, every bark and belly rub gets our full attention. 

our ethos

Pssst we dont have any secrets here. Our ethos are how we behave. 


Transparency is both a core value and a strategy for us. It’s essential for accountability and alignment. We are no secret society, we love sharing our successes and challenges with our community. This is why we offer a detailed FAQ page and provide as much information as possible on our website.

Trust & safety

Safety is our top priority and central to everything we do. We conduct thorough screenings for all bookings and carefully vet the sitters for your fur babies. Our sitters undergo 100-point ID checks, police verification, and are qualified in basic pet first aid. Plus, we’re fully insured for any unlikely incidents.


We proactively work with our clients to ensure consistency and quality of service is delivered and maintained through clear lines of communication. Our aim is to provide high quality care for our furry customers and let them thrive in a loving, safe and secure home environment.


We’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we implement measurable initiatives to reduce our carbon paw print and pursue eco-friendly practices in our business activities. Yep, we’re serious about caring for both pups and the planet.


We’re all about equitable outcomes for both sitter and client. Respect is a two way street when it comes to the business and the customer. This is why we are transparent with our expectations,  services and communication. We expect client and sitter to be treated respectfully.




Let’s not fluff around, we know this responsibility is a big one. We identify ourselves as an eco-conscious dog business and aim to make our paw print an environmentally friendly one.

We are committed to the environment and aim to conduct our business in a social and environmentally responsible manner that is good for people, pups and the planet.

In an industry that generates plenty of waste (literally), we make our sustainability choices measurable and this is how we’ve started our journey:

We use 100% biodegradable and compostable poop bags as well as sourcing sustainable products such as eco-friendly pet food brands for our treatos, and buy local where possible to reduce our carbon pawprint.

Our sustainable practices involve:

 Environmentally friendly products and/or ingredients where possible
 Reduced waste and recycling & re-using products
 Recyclable/biodegradable packaging
 Buying and supporting local where possible
 An ongoing commitment to positive social and environmental change



We proudly support Pound Patrol by contributing monthly donations. They are a small team of volunteers dedicated to rescuing dogs whilst juggling (paid) work, family and personal commitments. They rely on the generosity of volunteers, foster carers, and donations from the community in order to help the dogs at risk. Pound Patrol raise awareness and help re-home dogs that are due to be euthanised, or are just not coping in various pounds across NSW.

They’ve list a bunch of great ol’ ways to help directly on their website, you can view these here.

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