pet wedding services.

say YES to dogs at weddings with us

pet wedding services.

say YES to dogs at weddings with us

Looking to involve your furry pal on your big day? We’ve got you covered.

Our focus is to provide quality care and purposeful experiences for you and your best furiend. We know that one of the most important relationships is the one you have with your pooch! As a boutique dog sitting business, we work with you to design a bespoke wedding package that suits you and your fuzzy buddy’s needs on the big day.

We execute everything from the big roles (ring bearer, dog of honour, marry me paw-posals, surprise guests) to the fluffy stuff (photos, reception appearances and welcoming/mingling with guests), and also offer overnight stays! We are fast movers in cultivating memorable experiences for you and your pooch by translating ideas into reality with a fuzzy touch. Say hello and see what we can do for you.



why hire our sitters? 

Picture this: it’s your big day, the one you’ve dreamed of, where everything is just as magical and perfect as you’ve imagined. But wait, what about your furry best friends? Enter Fuzzy Buddy – your wedding dog sitters, you glide down the aisle carefree, knowing your beloved pets are in the hands of our skilled professionals, adding a touch of magic to your special day.

At Fuzzy Buddy, we’re more than just dog sitters; we’re your pets’ fairy godparents. As you’re saying ‘I do’ to forever, we’re ensuring your pets are in blissful harmony, blending their cheer with your chic affair. Tail wags? Guaranteed.

Photo ops? That’s our jam. We line up your pups for those heart-stealing shots, making every click as lovable as your story. Think of us as the pet stylists, bringing out their best at just the right moments

Why choose us for your big day? We deliver our services Australia wide. We’re all about creating those special moments, with every family member, paws and all. With our wedding knowledge and love for animals, we’re dedicated to crafting a pet-friendly, magical wedding experience that includes every family member. Let us help make your dream wedding complete with our dedicated and loving pet care services. Meet our sitters here.

services we offer

meet and greet

Complimentary meet and greet or virtual consult.


 We co-ordinate with your photographers and/or planners to ensure a smooth run and get those pawfect shots.

wash and groom

Optional washing and/or grooming before the big day.

dressing on day

Brushing and dressing your pooch on the day to your specifications.

safe transport

Safe transport to and from the wedding venue.

feeding, watering and pottying

We feed, provide water and make sure your pooch goes to the potty throughout the day.

Assisting your pet’s role in the ceremony

We provide assistance with your pet’s role in your ceremony, such as Dog of Honour, ring bearer, flower girl etc.


We give lots of cuddles, treatos and play time for your pup during the event. When they need a time out – we’re on it.


As Lady Gaga once said… pupa puparazzi! And we’re on board. POV: your pupper’s personal puparazzi for the day. We will capture plenty of snaps and share with you.


adventure walk

We offer an option to add-on an adventure walk for your doggo on the day. If you want to know more about our extra services, feel free to reach out to us.

overnight stays

All the joy of having your doggo at your wedding, with the added reassurance of overnight care at your home while you enjoy your wedding night away.

We offer an over night stay until the next morning, where we will feed, administer any medication, give plenty of cuddles and enjoy play time with your fur baby before we tuck them into bed.

Longer stays can be arranged upon booking.

partnerships in the industry

We are exclusively partnered with esteemed organizations in the wedding industry: Byron Bay Weddings, Tweed Coast Weddings, Gold Coast Wedding Collective & Hello May. Our collaboration with these elite teams, renowned for their seasoned experience in planning breathtaking weddings across the Byron, Tweed, Gold Coast regions and nationally, marks a significant milestone for us.

As seen in Hello May Magazine, who connect exceptional wedding vendors across Australia with inspired brides and grooms to be.

Our excusive partnerships are a testament to our commitment and expertise. We take pride in joining a handpicked team of the region’s most experienced and talented suppliers, all of whom are celebrated for their outstanding work and dedication to the art of wedding planning.

our partners

wedding faqs

Are you insured?

Yes, as a fully insured dog sitting company, we provide comprehensive coverage for our services. This additional insurance offers peace of mind to venues, particularly once they realize our sole focus is on the wellbeing and care of your pet. Our presence means added security and assurance for both the venue and your special day.

So, you marry dogs?

Nope, not our thing. We specialize in helping human couples include their furry friends in the wedding festivities, not in marrying bow-wows with vows! But we do help include them in your ceremony, whether it be strutting their stuff down the aisle, acting as ring bearer, or serving as dog of honor. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

Why hire a professional wedding dog sitter?

Opting for a professional pet sitter, especially through our services, means you won’t have to worry about a thing on your big day, and your pet will enjoy a fun-filled, stress-free experience! Keep in mind that the guests you entrust with your pet are also integral to your wedding celebration. It’s essential for them to be fully present and enjoy the day without stress too. Our expertise in hospitality and events plays a crucial role in ensuring everything runs seamlessly. We coordinate with other vendors, stay adaptable to the ever-changing wedding timelines, and come prepared with a pet ‘goodie bag’ equipped with essentials like poop bags, treats and puppy wipes. By choosing us, you ensure that both you and your pet have a fantastic, worry-free celebration


Please fill out our form below, or email us at Let us know what you need and how we can help make this day amazing for you and your furbaby.

My Dog is crazy - Is It Even Possible for My Dog to Participate in the Wedding?

We often hear this. Our services are tailored to meet both your needs and those of your pet. Whether it’s just showing up for photos or engaging in a day packed with exercise, we’re confident in crafting an experience that ensures your pet’s happiness and comfort. We offer a complimentary meet & greet session to understand you and your dog better, assessing what would suit their unique needs and personality. We can help you ensure they are included on your special day.

What if They Can't Be in the Ceremony?

Regardless of the circumstances, involving your pet in your wedding day goes beyond just giving them a part in the ceremony! We provide various options, such as having them join just for photos.

You can chat with us around our suggestions for including your pet in your wedding day, even if they don’t have a role in the actual ceremony.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we transport your beloved fur babies to wherever they need to go and ensure a comfortable and safe journey for them.

Why experience and reliability matters

Choosing us as your wedding dog sitters ensures safety, professionalism and reliability, as each of our sitters has extensive experience in handling dogs, and they have either been extensively trained for weddings or bring that experience themselves. All our sitters are police-checked and certified professionals, offering the highest standard of care. Unlike using a general dog-sitter or generic platform, where sitters may not have specialized wedding experience, our team is adept in the nuances of weddings and events. While other platforms might seem cost-effective, our seasoned professionals, equipped with event management skills, specialized wedding training and dog handling, ensure your special day runs smoothly without compromising the care and attention your pet deserves.

Can You Help Include Our Pet in Our Engagement Photos?

Definitely! We handle all the details, allowing you and your fiancé to concentrate on enjoying the moment, while your photographer can focus on snapping those perfect pictures!

Where do you offer your services?

We provide services across Australia. Please note that certain locations might incur additional travel expenses.

what if our venue is not pet-friendly?

If your chosen venue initially appears not to be pet-friendly, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our first step is to engage with the venue to fully understand their specific policy restrictions. Often, the reluctance to allow pets stems from liability concerns. As a an insured pet sitting company, we offer comprehensive coverage that addresses these concerns, which can lead to venues becoming more open to accommodating your pet.

We make it clear to the venue that our sole purpose is to cater to your pet’s needs, providing dedicated care throughout the event. This often encourages venues to reconsider their policies. However, in cases where the venue maintains a strict no-pet policy, we won’t stop there. We’ll collaborate with you to explore alternative ways for your pet to be involved in your special day. This could include having your pet present just for a portion of the event, like the photo session, ensuring they’re still a meaningful part of your celebration.

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