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Are you insured?

Yes, our insurance covers Public Liability including Pets in Care, Custody, Control $100,000 and animals in transit.

Trust, safety & wellbeing

Our clients and their furry family deserve our very best, and we strive to deliver this every day. We are committed to the safety and happiness of all pooches in our care as well as peace of mind for their parents.

Fuzzy Buddy has been vetted, completed their pet first aid and undergone comprehensive screening, including 100 point ID checks and police checks of all carers. These screening procedures are in place for our quality and safety commitment.


Once you have completed our online booking form, we will issue you with an invoice. We do not hold dates if the invoice is left unpaid.

The full booking amount will need to be paid to secure your booking. If your booking is above $500, a deposit of 50% is required to confirm the booking as long as the booking is more than 2 weeks out, or you may pay this amount in full. This can be paid via credit card when we invoice you.


We accept credit card and bank transfer. Payment must be received in full to confirm your booking before it begins.


You can find this information here.

What is your Cancellation policy

For our standard dog sitting services, we have a moderate cancellation policy. If you cancel 7 days before your booking, you will receive a full refund. Only 50% will be refunded if cancelled within 7 days of your booking date, and no refund will be provided if cancelled within 24 hours.

Bookings made between the periods of 15 March – 30 April, and 1 December – 15 January will require 3 weeks’ notice cancellation, any bookings cancelled within 3 weeks of your booking date will only be refunded 75% of the amount. If the booking is cancelled within 2 weeks’ notice, you will only receive 50% of the booking total back. If you cancel within 1 week of your booking date during this period, you will not be refunded at all. Holiday periods are our busiest times of the year and we turn away many bookings to make space for yours, so in the event that you cancel with less than 3 weeks notice, we ask you to kindly understand our cancellation fees.

Please reach out to us directly for our wedding cancellation policy.


Booking Amendments

Please contact Fuzzy Buddy as soon as you are aware of any changes to your booking before it commences. You can request these amendments via email, text, or call. We aim to be flexible where possible, understanding that things don’t always go according to plan.

If you need to make changes once your booking has already started, please provide at least 2 hours’ notice to avoid additional fees. We understand that life can be unpredictable; flights may be delayed, transport missed, or commuting might take longer than expected. If you find yourself unable to return home in time to care for your pet, let us know. We’ll ensure your pet remains safe, happy, and healthy until you’re able to make it back.

Additional fees will be incurred based on the extended timeframe needed for your pet’s care.

What is your location and can you send photos?

We run an in-home dog sitting service. The dogs have access to inside and outside while staying with us. We have great access to dog beaches (on and off-lead) and parks as well as a large and secure yard for our doggos.

To mitigate risk, we do not share photos of our home environment with potential customers. We always recommend a meet and greet if there is an opportunity to do so.

Why at-home dog sitting is better than dog boarding at a kennel?

Pet sitting at home is an ideal choice over traditional kennelling services.

At Fuzzy Buddy, we only take a small number of dogs so your pooch can recieve the attention they need. We offer this arrangement so you can feel relaxed knowing your pet(s) will be well cared for while you are away and not over run with several dogs. 

Benefits for your pet:

  • Personalised attention in a familiar and secure environment
  • No kennels or stressful cage housing
  • Minimises separation anxiety
  • Diet and exercise routines are maintained consistently
  • Eliminate the trauma of travelling to a sterile environment
  • Eliminating high risk of contracting any diseases or kennel cough.
  • Calming environment

Benefits for you:

  • Your pet(s) are in professional, loving and safe  hands with a sitter that has years of experience & knowledge in caring for dogs.
  • It is a personalised service. You have the opportunity to meet your pet sitter, and not deal with random employees
  • Regular and consistant photo updates
  • If sitting at your home, your home is more secure with home care services available and there is no  imposition on friends, relative or neighbours.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in the Northern Rivers, NSW, in a surfy beach town called Kingscliff. We cover South Gold Coast, Tweed & Byron Shire. We cover weddings nationally.


We will add a $20 non-refundable fee to all services that land (or the night before when dog sitting) on public holidays as well as any additional public holidays appointed, and holiday periods as shown below:

New Year’s – December 31st to January 1st

Australia Day – January 26

Easter Weekend – April (Friday to Sunday)

Anzac Day – 25 April

Queens Birthday – June 13

Bank Holiday – August 1

Labour Day – October 3

Christmas period – December 24-25

Boxing Day – December 26

Our peak season dates are below and incur a $20-$25  increase (the $20 non-refundable surcharge on public holidays will not be an additional charge to this increase but is still considered non-refundable) for dog sitting. Please reach out to us directly to discuss.

December 15 – January 15
March 15 – April 15


We are lifelong pet people – so, lots!
Our founder has over 20 years experience with caring for dogs and many years of professional sitting experience.

We are comfortable with any size dog, from extra small to extra large, we care for all dogs that come in all shapes and sizes.

Our Wedding Dog Sitters have years of experience working with dogs, either as vet nurses or working professionally with dogs. They all maintian valid police checks and are trained in basic pet first aid.


All dogs booking in with us must have their C5 vaccination and be up to date with their flea, tick & worming medication/treatments.

If your dog has developed a bacteria infection or contagious illness we unfortunately cannot take your dog at this time.

If your dog has developed anything that you are concerned or unsure about, please provide us with a note from your vet to confirm that your dog is not contagious to humans or other animals.

Dishonesty will not be tolerated and if there is a situation which this has occurred to endanger other dogs or humans, the owner will be liable to cover any costs incurred as a result of their dishonesty.

What are Your hours OF OPERATION?

Dog walking – we operate our dog walking services between:

Mon – Fri | 7am – 8am & 5pm – 8pm

Sat | 7am – 2pm

Sun | 9am – 2pm

Pick up and drop off times for day care & sitting:

Monday – Friday | 8am – 5.30pm

Saturday | 9am – 3pm

Sunday | 10am – 2pm

Should you need to drop off earlier or pick up outside of our hours of operation, a fee of $10 per hour outside of operating hours will be incurred.

when do cleaning fees apply?

Cleaning fees are incurred when a dog repeatedly has accidents (urinates or defecates) inside our facility or in inappropriate locations during their stay. While occasional accidents are expected and managed within our regular cleaning routines, excessive or repeated incidents will result in additional fees.


Fees are incurred for any damage caused to the sitter’s property by the guest dog if the damage is not a result of the sitter’s negligence, or if the information you have provided us about your dog is incorrect – i.e. withholding important information or being dishonest about your dogs behaviour.

When making the booking, should you need to drop your dog off earlier or pick up outside of our advertised hours of operation, a fee will be incurred. You can see our hours of operation in ur FAQs inside of the drop down tile which reads “what are your hours of operation?”

The overnight sitting only covers a 24 hour period from drop off time. If you wish to pick up your pup outside of the 24 hour period, (depending on the hours) a day rate of $40 will be incurred if between 8am-5.30pm, and an overnight rate will be incurred if the time exceeds 5.30pm.

Our business works on commitment. We require a confirmed drop off and pick up time before booking commences. Drop off and pick up time is to be agreed upon a minimum 24 hours before the booking commences.

If you are late to pick up your pooch, we require at least 2 hours notice. If you have not provided this, we will charge $10 per hour for late pick up and full day rate for anything longer than 2 hours or the over night fee if the time exceeds 5:30pm.

Our business is run on clear communication between the sitter and client. We therefore ask that you kindly respect this from the moment you make the booking until pick up.

Last minute bookings with less than 72 hours notice incur a last minute fee of $30.

For more information about fees incurred, you can reach out to us or see our terms of service here.


Do I need to supply anything?

For dog walking – please provide your dog’s collar and/or harness/halti/appropriate collar, leash, muzzle (if required) and wet weather coat (if you have one).

For home visits / dog sitting – please provide food and dog bowls as well as any toys, bedding and treatos! We will follow your instructions regarding their diet, routine and serving size.

How can I assist Fuzzy Buddy's pet care services

  • Please make sure your dog has a current registration and ID tags (microchipping) and maintain all vaccinations.
  • Ensure your dog’s latest worming, flea and tick treatments are up to date (please reach out to us if you need help administering these).
  • Please advise if your dog has been desexed of not.
  • Make us aware of your home security operations and where you dispose of pet waste if caring for pet at pet’s home.
  • Please let us know if you have any specific requests, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
  • We need to know of any quirky behaviors in order to avoid mishaps and provide quality care and the best possible environment.
  • Please provide us all care instructions when completing our booking forms including feeding information, as well as medication management (if required).

Can my dog play with other dogs?

We record lots of information when taking your booking, and we particularly take an interest in your pet’s behaviour. We appreciate that your pet is leaving its normal home environment and there is a chance it may react differently in a new environment.

One of the questions we ask is if “your dog is social with other dogs and/or are they aggressive?” We take your answer very seriously to this question as it impacts the environment we care for our dogs in.

We have a duty of care to all dogs we are responsible for and before we allow any dog to socialise with another, we cannot do so unless we have monitored the dog to ensure we are confident they will be friendly and playful with another dog. We read dogs and their behaviour.

What does each service mean?

Pet Sitting Your pets stay overnight in the sitter’s home. They’ll be treated like part of the family in a comfortable and safe environment.

Dog Walking Your dog is walked around the neighborhood. Perfect for busy days and dogs with extra energy to burn.

Doggy Day Care Your dog spends the day at your sitter’s home. Drop them off in the morning and pick up a happy pup in the late afternoon. We also offer to sit your pets at your place.

House Visits Your sitter drops by your home to play with your pets, offer food and water, as well as give potty breaks .

Dog Taxi We offers to pick up and drop off pets at their required destination.

Wedding Services Fuzzy Buddy offers premium pet care on your wedding day by designing a bespoke wedding package. A Wedding Attendant will look after your dog on the big day and take care of any needs.
We have proudly established partnerships with Hello May and Byron Bay Weddings Group.

Feel free to reach out in order to find out more!


We spend daily quality time with all of our dogs in our care. We spend a large percentage of each day playing, keeping them stimulated, providing cuddle time and also quiet or nap time for them. We ensure they are getting the appropriate amount of exercise (fees incurred if requiring daily 60 minute walks) and spend time separated from one another if needed.

We kindly ask that any breeds coming to us for longer than a day care service understand time apart, and therefore are fine to be left on their own while we do the things we need to such as going to the grocery store or to the gym. If your dog requires 24/7 supervision, please reach out to us directly.

In an emergency

In the unlikely event of an emergency, it’s best to prepare for your pooch’s stay – we will therefore agree to an emergency plan upon booking.

At all times we carry emergency contact numbers and should there be an emergency, your pet carer will decide the best course of action.

You will be notified  immediately of the issue, he/she will proceed either straight to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet’s own veterinarian.


We use photos and media from our bookings on our website, social media and for general advertising purposes. None these photos or media will contain any confidential information about you.

can I pick up and drop off my dog throughout their stay?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this as an option unless they have medical needs or an appointment which you need to attend with them. Please reach out to us directly if this is the case.

We ask our customers to please respect our privacy and understand this requires more than a simple pick up and drop off arrangement throughout their stay as this is an at home dog sitting environment. We also consider the needs of your dog and their feelings having you come and go regularly. This can be confusing to them and create separation anxiety for your fur babe, especially if they already experience this.

Can you give my dog medications?

Yes, we can. We can administer topical, oral medication and pills. Please reach out to us directly if your dog requires their medication to be administered differently to what is listed here.

Will I receive updates from my sitter?

Absolutely! We send plenty of updates directly to you while we are caring for your dog(s). You will recieve plenty of photos and/or videos of your dog during their stay.

how do I get started?

Book Fuzzy Buddy

You can request a booking by simply hitting the ‘Book Now’ button on the landing page and completing the online booking request.


Free Meet & Greet

We always encourage a meet and greet before committing to any bookings. This mitigates any surprises and separately gives both the owner and sitter a chance to meet face to face and see if it is a pawfect match.

1st Session!

Be sure to bring all toys, bed and food for your pooch. Remember to communicate any special requirements and advise instructions for dog food too!

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